The Nimbus Series


  1. A luminous cloud or a halo surrounding a supernatural being or a saint.
  2. A light, aura, color, etc., that surrounds someone or something.

Filthy till Fall Break; A Documentary of The (Current) Chaos of my Home.

I don’t like having a messy house. I really don’t. A messy desk, I can deal with, a few dishes in the sink or some dirty clothes on floor, I’m alright. But ever since Midterms hit, upkeep in my house has become zero. Its a disaster area, with a slim chance of fully recuperating any time soon.
And because I dislike having a messy house, it is always on my mind. I don’t like having people over with a messy house, I don’t like the impression that gives of me or of my fiance (especially to certain soon-to-be family members) and therefore, I usually clean top to bottom before someone even comes over to drop off a knick-knack. I’m a little OCD about it.
But when we received the assignment to document a part of our lives, I came up with plenty of ideas of how I could document my cute little home and my cute (not-so) little dogs, or my hobbies or of my life in general. But in the back of my mind all I could think of was sweeping the floors and scrubbing the dishes and catching up on the weeks of dirty laundry haunting me from the next room.
So this is me putting my self out there a bit with you. Trying to be a bit more fearless and a little less OCD. This is my mess, and it may not be cute, but it’s real.

I still think it’s better to be a kid.

Toy cameras and pumpkin patches? Here’s a glimpse into my down home old-school family friendly American weekend. 😉

Peachy Keen. :)